Rules, v1.7 (updated 11/11/2015)


Yep totally from Jon :slight_smile:


My character dying is a huge concern considering it is very likely other characters will want me dead (my fault technically)
And with the time and money I've spent on my not-yet-finished outfit, I would be kind of upset haha.

I'm assuming it would take a lot to kill someone from what I've read/understood in the rules?

EDIT: Sorry if this was already addressed earlier, my attention span at the moment is limited haha


It isn't that hard to kill someone. A character that hits minus their starting HP (for example I start with 3HP and I'm on -3) dies. The death doesn't have to be instant, to allow for dramatic scenes but will need to take place before the end of the session.

If you have armor it will negate some damage, but armor doesn't add HP. So even if you have armor of +2 which allows you to take 5 hits, your base HP is still 3.

Death is a possibility, but there are enough people with healing etc that people should be able to make it through.


I should point out that my insinuation that the NPC's would all be out to kill the PC's was in jest. I don't think Sophie is that viscous that she'd create NPC's whose sole purpose is to kill off PC's in the first game.

Basically, I'm saying, if you don't do something completely stupid I would think you'd survive the game. At least, survive the NPC's, the PC's are another matter entirely :slight_smile:.



The one thing i'm taking away as a PC, is that this is a gritty world full of consequences.

If you rush head long into a battle that isn't yours to deal with, you could die. If you write yourself to be hated by all with nothing to live for, your day will be filled trying to hide / stay away from everyone.
I've got some angst in my back story, but in reality, no one will kill me over it.... So I expect to survive the 1st session.


I agree with Chris.

I put a lot of work into my costume, but any game I go into I expect my character can die or bad things may happen to them and I am fine with that, especially in a gritty dark game like this. What I hope for is a good dramatic death and hopefully live long enough to fulfil a story arc. But knowing you can die can add to the intensity and drama, and adds some risk to any encounter.

The thing is to own your interactions, know that if you rush into combat, or pull a gun on someone (character or NPC), wander around stating you can't be beaten and taking on any challengers or screw someone over, there will be consequences. If you sit back and keep your head down, don't cause trouble, you are less likely to die. You might get beaten up, caught in a cross fire, or robbed, but lots less likely to be killed. Though sometimes that added risk is more fun. Choice is yours about what you enjoy playing and what your character does in the Wasteland.


"Consequences" and "Your character might die"

I'm not actually expecting to die or that anyone would die in the first session unless they wanted to. It seems to me that consequences lead to death rather than combat leads to death (though that might changed if there are combat focused sessions later). In regards to consequences it seems to me that you would more than likely have a different option rather than death. Enslavement, prison, limb removal that sort of thing.

But the world is harsh. Death could happen. You've said that yourself Sophie. So I expect we are all a little bit scared of it happening to us.

Which brings me to niggling fear that I've done a ton of work on my costume and it will last precisely one session. This actually extends to some of the background and connections stuff too. Trying to build that again in a so complete way with a new character while everyone else is established might not be as awesome. That said you could end up with something just as awesome, and the game will create a lot of relationships anyway.

So like I say I'm not expecting TPK or even my own characters death. I think there is heaps of story to develop first and we've only just started. I'm just slightly fearful of if because I'm interested in exploring the world with this character.



Personally. I'm keeping an eye on someone else :wink:


I wouldn't trust that Nick Cole either.


Don't get into a sword fight with Nick Cole or Bryn. Probably not with Nick Pitt or you either but I'm hoping my chances of doing that are good. In a firefight use cover.

These are rules to live by.


Apprently there are a bunch of Badasses in town. Since badasses need other badasses to prove they are said badass, more badass NPC's are likely to join the game.

That makes for a lot of Badasses, with a lot of guns, and a lot of weapons. So I think we may have done this to ourselves.

Why didn't more of us play town drunks! Our only challenge is how many bottles we can drink!

Much easier :wink:


What did I do? :open_mouth:


Without giving too much away .... snigger

Guns?! Swords?! Which end do I hold? and I just pull this little thing and whatever is in front of me dies?


I'm with ants on this :slight_smile:

Seriously though, hits do one damage. You take 1 HP loss per 5 minutes down right? So how many 15 minute fights are you anticipating? Unless someone actively blocks pc's like mine, someone is likely to provide aid. Hard to envisage many situations in which there is a fight that long and you have made an enemy that wants you that dead without your active participation in setting the situation up in the first place.
And if you die as a result of your epic background that's awesome, and hopefully has spin off effects on the next session.
Understand costume and background issues with new pc's, but with his many crew there lots of opportunities to come in with others, albeit temporarily.

Also, six xp is heaps. Any more and you start to not need others, which to me is one of the drivers of roleplaying. :slight_smile:


Not sure.


I have to agree with this.

A better driver for roleplaying which Sophie is doing though is that you need to have a good reason to learn a new skill. I mean some are fine, but others you kind of need to get taught. This actually could happen in game like sparing to learn melee or being trained to use a gun (though firing it might be a waste of ammo), or someone teaching you to repair armour after a fight or helping with a healer to learn First Aid. These are all cool roleplaying ops.

So the fact that you want to and need to learn more is great for roleplaying. The XP you may earn isn't really going to motivate me. That said, if I wasn't going to earn XP to spend on things to learn (i.e. my character was finished) then why bother doing any of the awesome in game stuff I mentioned above.

So yeah 6 is a great start. Being able to learn more opens up good rp opportunities.


You should fear dying. That's normal and good. It will make you be careful. :wink: Dying sucks. Even the most awesomely dramatic death of an established campaign character leaves you with that horrible "but there was more story to tell/mysteries to solve/unfinished business" feeling. It's horrible.

That said, you do get over it. Usually when you start thinking about the awesome NEW character that you can bring to the next game. And you can get to know a different set of characters and get involved with a new faction and discover that, you know what? That one character wasn't the only great choice for the game. And that it's no less awesome to join an established group than to be there from the start.

And then you get all excited again. And props and costume? Alright, you may never wear the whole thing all at once, but most things you've spent money and time on can be worked into other costumes eventually.


Made a slight rules adjustment to the skill Tough. See the first post for details.


Oh wow, I totally missed a rule change. In Version 1.5 and not 1.3 it states under surgeon "allows life saving surgery to take place." Is this just flavor or is it now possible to save those at negative their HP?


Quick question. Is it possible to take a skill more than once?