Rules, v1.7 (updated 11/11/2015)


Edited 11/11/2015:
Added version 1.7 of the rules (version 1.6 didn't seem to make it on here):
* Included a "Previously on..." section summing up events from sessions 1-5 in preparation of session 6. (pp 4-5)
* Included rules for the use of grenades. (p 17)
* Tweaked the rules for bomb defusing. (pp 20-21)
* Expanded rules for hacking. (p 20)

Edited 31/01/2014:
Added version 1.5 of the rules. The addition is:
* There are now rules for bomb defusing. (p17-18)

Edited 10/10/13:
Added version 1.4 of the rules. The change is:
* Tough in no longer only available at character creation. As long as you took Hardy, Tough can be taken later. (p 12)

Edited 29/4/13:
Added version 1.3 of the rules. The changes are:
* Re-named Savages to Tribal
* Added the Ammo limits to the gear list (p 13)
* Removed restrictions on NERF gun types (p 13)
* Added ammo refilling to the Gunsmith skill (p11)
* Made reference to Medpacks being addictive (p15)
* Updated the Lethal Harm rules (p 14)
* Specified that Arcologists are always literate (p 7)
* Fixed the email address so it was correct (p 4)
* Changed question 5 of the general questions (p 9)

Nothing major here, just slight adjustments.

Edited 15/4/13:

Added version 1.2 of the rules. Changes are:

  • Added the option for illiteracy for the following character groups:
  • Wanderer
  • Courier
  • Militia
  • Savages now have to be illiterate.
  • Any illiterate character now gets a bonus skill.
  • Added Literacy as a skill
  • Updated some skills to require literacy.
  • Added Pickpocket as a skill.
  • Added Chemical Engineering as a skill.
  • Added Engineering as a skill.
  • Included a list of Skill Checks in the rules section. This includes the rules for how Pickpocket works.

Please update your characters if need be, or contact me with any concerns.


Looks good. Now to decide what to be. Though a little guidance on where the first game is going to be set might help, so we can pick some communities.

Also, another possible inspiration: Kim Stanley Robinson's The Wild Shore: Orange County, CA, after the nuclear war.


Looks good! Thinking seriously about playing Wander or Savage. Or can I be a Wandering Savage?? Who's interested?


The first game will take place in the Town that the townies are from. That background is still being worked through.


Also, is there any approximate timeframe as to when the first session might be? I've been out of the larping circles for over 10 years & need to get myself some new duds...


Hi Kate, I'm thinking around June. But a lot of that will depend on interest and what else is happening at the time.


nice rule set, simple, flexible, well done


Late June though right, not when i'm in Rarotonga...

I'm going to be a wanderer.


Thanks Jared, I appreciate the feedback.


This sounds like an awesome game. I am looking forward to seeing what dates the games will be to see if it is feasible for me to come down?


I love the minimalist rules. Very clear, simple and evocative.

Is this going to be day games? Weekend games? An ongoing campaign?


The idea is it will be an ongoing campaign, but mainly 3hour games throughout the year, with the odd "kingdom style" game - ie: 3 hour game the evening before, then day game with pc's playing 1/2 a day and then crewing the other 1/2 (switching at lunch time)

Sophie is the best to confirm, but that was the impression I got.


Hi, Yes that's the idea. I think the regular games will eventually be a little longer than the 3 hour standard. But that's what I'll start with. The aim will be one game every 3-4 months, starting in June.


Hi Nikki. I'm hoping to run a game every 3-4 months on a weekend. They'll only be 3 or so hours to start with, with a Kingdom style weekend on the cards if players are keen.


Awesome. Hopefully the dates wont clash with my new job and I can make it down. Really keen.


I've updated version 1.1, which just fixes some typos and adds in the email address. No mechanical changes.


Hey all, I'm really keen to play but I haven't LARP'ed in Wellington (save at KapCon) much, and noticed most of the ruleset is focused on fighting (obviously because that's the part that actually needs rules!). What sort of appetite is there for non-combat PC's, and to what extent are game sessions likely to be more combat oriented than about roleplaying? Reading the rules, my imagination has run off on thinking that some sessions will entirely be about groups wandering around the woods on missions, rather than sitting around the town talking.
I just don't want to box myself into a corner with a character concept and discover it's not in tune with the 'usual' style of Wellington games, or the intended style for this specific one. For info - I have no interest in beating people with sticks or firing off nerf guns at people, and would rather do more traditional style non-contact LARPing.


Hi! First, thanks for your interest in the game.

Second, I'm keen for this to cover all the bases. To start with, it will be more of a theater-form game with some combat if people are keen. However we are likely to work up to a more combat-centric session or two. I think it's important to note however, that no matter what I'll accommodate your style as mush as possible. If you want to play a pacifist who refuses to cause violence, then that would be awesome and I'd love to have that sort of element in the game. Fighting isn't the only way out of situations.

There will always be plenty of roleplaying time. The rules do focus on fighting as that is the only thing that really needs it. I'd be happy to discuss options with you if you weren't interested in any sort of combat abilities or skills.


Thanks for the rapid reply! I guess I sort of answered my own question a bit - the rules really are only needed for combats!
I'll PM you a bunch of queries.


Hey, that's good to know! I suspect the tribe my character comes from is not really into the violence thing, only when it's needed to really defend themselves, or catch food (but I think they might be a bit into playfighting and fighting "games", just for something to do). Thus, my character probably knows the basics but will not instigate fighting or want to be involved unless it's necessary (probably!).