Rules, v1.7 (updated 11/11/2015)


Not terribly important for my character, but does this rules change mean that however many guns you bring, you have 20 rounds between them in total? (40 for Militia?)


Yes it does. So it would be good if your guns all take the same type of ammo :slight_smile:


Which will make "Trading" interesting, for those of the Fallout gaming type, not all guns do take the same Ammo.... as far as I can tell, there are 7 types of ammo;

Elite Nerf (Blue)
Normal Nerf (Orange)
Whistler Nerf (Black, large heads, don't fit in some clips, but good in pistols)
Glow in Dark Nerf (White)
Non-Branded (Slightly skinnier in the body)
Non-Branded Sucker Cups


Exactly :smiley:

The hope is that bullets will be a form of currency, at least for the fighting types.

For example... "You want that fella dead? Well then, I'll need my ammo covered for sure. And maybe a medpak or a promise of some patchn' up for afters. Not to mention the chips. I'll need plenty of those. He might have family. Family with more guns than I got."


Screw that, I have different types of ammo, just have to choose how much of each one lol.

I do like this idea, however I was wondering if you could put limits on other stuff too, and bonuses for the other classes.

Limit on chips, limit on food items

For example.
Arcs can have a working computer
Couriers start with extra chips
Wanderers can use their gears slots to increase limits, i.e. they take a gun (get 20 ammo) but they can use a slot for another 20 ammo. They also can use a slot for a rare component or something.
Savages get squat but they all get an extra skill unless they take Literacy. Maybe they can have some game or something.
Townies have food (trade-able food)

As it stands the only real gear limits are ammo and wanderers. This is cool, some characters will definitely have more stuff than others, but the putting some limits on the items of value could be cool. I mean the bartering is totally an experiment. I know bartering for favours (or similar) in a Larp hardly ever works so I'm hopeful this will work.

Also regarding Literacy. If you don't take the illiterate flaw in your character then you are literate correct and don't need to take the Literacy skill. It's mostly there for Savages and people who want to learn to read and write later and took Illiterate at the beginning.


Hmm, I was wondering about limits on chips & food too.

1) If we can justify that we have done some trading prior to game time, would we have chips, and if so, how many? Or should we just be allocated some, and if so, is there a pool somewhere, or will those players who happen to have a stack of poker chips at home, need to throw some into the kitty and get them back later? (I randomly grabbed a small amount from my stash at home - I didn't think my character would have much on her).

2) I assume any food we have would be game setting-appropriate eg: hunks of unidentifiable meat, no frozen meals, potentially twinkies, and weird-looking stuff called "candy" :slight_smile: I'd guess like any gear, if you can carry it and explain why you'd have it (subject to rules above), it's allowed?


Yeah but a Townie could have sheep and a Savage could have killed a dear on the way into Crosspire. You can carry the dear but you can't exactly represent it. However both are valuable assets.

Also what's the story between games. Start with 20 bullets again?

Chips only really have value is they are scarce to be honest. I mean why trade a chip for a bullet if no one else will take a chip. If the bartender is taking chips for drinks then chips have value. If the bartender is taking ammo for drinks then chips have no value.

These things are all cool, all things I'm sure Sophie wants to see us figure out, but if 4 people bring 300chips each and the people playing savages bring 1 or 2 then the value of chips is nothing. The rich people set the market, "I'll buy a clip of 12 ammo for 50 chips" and suddenly the savages have nothing.

That said I think the above sounds perfectly reasonable, especially if the savage had something else to compensate like a brace of coneys or something. It's just a matter of having correct imbalance rather than unfair and unfun imbalance. We want things to lead to trade and bartering and offering of services.


If you aren't illiterate then the assumption is you are literate. Literacy is only there as a skill in the case of the Tribals. Basically it's the bonus skill everyone has the option to ignore, except the Tribals.

For limiting other stuff gear like chips I don't see a need to. Chips are only accepted in some places and the value given to them is arbitrary. In Crosspire they may not even accept them. That's up to the individual traders. So you can carry 1000 chips if you want. But it might not even buy a drink if the bar doesn't reckon they have value. Now a bullet... that's always going to have a value. As long as you have something to put it in.

I'm not too keen on complicating it any further on the gear front. In between games you can get your ammo back up to full, assuming you have a way to do so in the down time.


Just wanted to double check something. How long should an application of medical skill take in game? Presume its related to amount of damage healed? And if someone is recuperated up from unconscious, what is an appropriate time frame before they are "back in the fight". Presume there is an accepted norm, but I haven't combat larped before so have no basis for comparison :slight_smile:


Technically if you go down, you're out of the fight. You can be stabilised, which will stop you dying but until the violence is over you won't be getting back up.

This is different to 33AR where you can be healed fully on the field and then get back up. But I want things to be a bit grittier.


Sweet, thanks - so it's less a time imperative, and more about the duration/cessation of hostilities.


That's the one. Of course once you've finished fighting you might have to get them to a med center to actually patch them up fully.


Random question for the GMs:

Rules say Player Characters will get extra XP after the first session. What happens if your character dies in the first session? Will we simply be starting again from scratch and thus be disadvantaged, or can we still have those extra XP points so our new character is at the same level as surviving characters?

Don't mind either way, it just occurred to me that it might be useful to start thinking about a backup before the first session, just in case...


Not a GM, but previously it's the person that gets the XP, in Teonn, you get XP after the session, if you're dead, you put that xp + starting xp together for a new character.

EG: 1st character gets 6 XP,
1st session gives you 2xp,
you spend 1 xp for something, giving you 1xp left over.
You die in 2nd game, you get 1xp for the 2nd game, +1xp left over from 1st update, =2 xp, plus 6xp starting character = 8xp to spend on your new character.

Obviously, numbers are random, but you get the gist of it.

Again - disclaimer, this is how Some Other LARPS do it, Sophie might have a different idea.


The XP comes from experiences in the game. New characters just start with 6XP, regardless of if the player has had a previous character. It means all new characters start on an even footing.


Thanks for clarifying. Not ideal, but fair enough, I guess. Will have to try not to die then :slight_smile:


I don't know that it matters that much. I'm pretty happy with my character and skills with just the 6XP. I think he is close on one evolution skill but I'm fine with him not knowing it. There was one other skill I wanted but circumstances forced me to take something else. While it makes sense to have the one I didn't take it's kind of more interesting having the one I did take.

So I think 6 is a pretty good number for any starting character. If I died after 2 sessions and had 2-3XP extra so I could build a character with 9pts I just don't think I would end up with something that is as interesting. My choices would be less forced and make me less likely to think about the path my character has taken to get here.

But that's just me.

I agree with the not dying though. However I'm far more afraid of dying because of costume cost and time to put it together. Dying in session 1 (or 2) would suck because of costume, not because of skills. Also I really want to explore the world and the story and the connections with this character. I don't know if one session is enough for me.




I'm not actually planning on TPK in the first session. I'm not entirely sure where this all came from :open_mouth:


Me :smiling_imp: