New town, new ideas


Following the events of Session 3 (aka The Death of Everything) the town is relocating the people to a new site. A large number of PC's know what it's called but not specifically where. The exact location is the immediate environs around an old hospital and research area in an old world city, now overgrown. Remaining details are vague and to be clarified by GM's once the hiatus ends I suspect :slight_smile:. Some of the few bright points from Session 3 was that Doc had already pre-positioned off-screen townies with seed and crop samples and some of the best livestock out of Crosspire, so we have a kickstart for the farms. We also have a pretty significant number of new refugee's from out of town with a wide variety of skills (yay PC options!). Oh, and the old cities were of course built from sturdier stuff than Crosspire, so we've got some nice digs once we get rid of the snakes.

In the mean time I'd like to come up with a name. IC Doc will just name it, but OOC I'd prefer to have other players input so as not to make something completely trite or lame :slight_smile: My initial thoughts were either something:
- Hope
- Sanctuary
- Haven

Deliberately misleading (yeah try and find us now suckers!)
- New Seattle
- The Fort

Or something soppy like named after one of the dead characters:
- the town of Valerie (for example)

Any other ideas or support for the above? I don't want to prejudice it by saying my favorite...
Nick (Doc) (Mayor) (DocMayor)


We could call it Retreat.


Oh I like that...


Yeah I really dig Retreat as well. It's awesome.

Love the old city concept. It is something that has cropped up quite a bit in the game from Hawk's point of view. It's more defensible but also full of it's own dangers. It also provides some strange resources which is pretty interesting.

Doc seemed to know the way to one, but both Solomon and Hawk have pretty good maps for old cities. Solomon's are more relevant to the region surrounded Crosspire while Hawk has stuff for out West.

Hawk does in fact have hundreds of refugees from down south, ex Paradise Slaves including farmers, religious types, crafters and maybe some fighters. It's possible (likely given this game) that there are bad seeds hidden amongst them too. But yeah there could be some opportunities for new PCs in there.

FWIW, It would be cool to have a game which was less intense everyone wants to kill you and more character and town building. A PC social political games rather than a world politics game. If we are moving to a new town it would be great to establish the relationships of the people there before 10 buckets of hell come after us again. Of course the next game is probably not for a long while yet but I like to think it's no so far away really. :smiley:


Hmmm. I'm not fond of Retreat, myself. Has a running-away air to it rather than a rebuilding vibe.


Retreat by itself is reminiscent of Run Away! But maybe The Retreat? I was looking for something positive in a name, for that fresh start vibe :slight_smile:

If the next session is a long time out, I would see the town as already being slightly established. Means opportunity for outside games exploring more of the old city or even the push back against the bad people out there. Lots of brain storming to come :slight_smile:


This, so much this. :smiley:

I like 'The Retreat', although we could even go with "New England" :wink: (AJ does not like this idea but what's the point of characters if you don't get to screw with them?)

I also really like the idea of naming it after beloved lost characters. There's a few though, so perhaps maybe naming buildings within The Retreat itself, things like "Nova's General Goods" and "Val's Diner" and "Tom's Bar", just as examples.

I feel like "Val's Diner" will be a given, anyway. :cry:


Everyone could say the name the way they mean it :smiley:

Old city could provide a lot of interesting plot for people who have the tech skill. Scavenging might be interesting for those who have survival, though i assume it's dangerous enough that other people haven't managed to clear out all the goods since the collapse.

Would the bulk of the town be underground? Buried due to time etc? We could make all of our living and storage spaces are basically underground bunkers, and then have our trade area above ground, which is where the future games would mostly take place. Also maybe there could be a temporary above ground town for people who want to be a part of the main town to live while we make sure they aren't mad bombers or something. Basically a "You don't get to see the actual town until we trust you" temporary living space. That could give a reason non-traders be in the above ground area, and provide a useful distraction from the actual town for various milita's etc.

On trade, the reason Crosspire existed was because it was on a useful hub of trade routes. By moving I assume this is no longer the case.


The Retreat sounds too "tropical island get-away" to me.

I like the idea of "New" something. It signifies rebuilding, starting over and settling again.

New Haven gets my vote for now,


New Haven gets mine...

(see this


I kinda like the name New Haven. Has a good solid feel about it. The Retreat feels temporary to me. militia eh Doc? Interesting.


One of the mooted ideas was the town to be separate to the trading post. Thus not endangering the populace. Keep protection two deep so to speak. This way we make a new small trade post so still have the trade routes.
On the militia there's room for a relationship, combined missions etc heck even mutual protection agreements. The point is that new haven (tm) needs its own armed force or at least the ability to protect itself without being completely reliant on others. Especially if a sizeable number of the populace are refugees or escaped slaves! Thoughts as always welcome! More ideas to drive plot!


I agree, not no militia, just not other people's militia.

So New Haven Militia and Exploratory Emancipation Forces. :smiley:


I look forward to the scheming session where the GM's plot to tear apart your beautiful new town.

Enjoy your planning guys!


Yeah yeah. Lets make this game about building something eh. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I'm sure we can talk :wink: Fox has plans.


Agree with Jarrat, we are keen to build something for a bit! There are masses of plots and events that could site future games not in New Haven (patent pending) which would extend the life expectancy of the town.


Whatever we choose for a name we need a symbol and t-shirts. I'm pretty keen to change up my armour and attire a bit.


While Trav lives Tom will never be associated with a bar or diner. Or anything really


Fair enough I guess, but