Module Report - 25th May 2008


Thanks to everyone that turned up.

The party, who were hired to kill vampires entered the realm and discovered that they were in a trap. The Vampire, Count McGuffin (check wiki if you don't know what that is) turned out to be the least of their problems. An extradimensional being was in the land conducting tests on the folk of Hamiltonia and they were the next subjects.

With the help of Dorothy, the wizard of Aus and other people they finally managed to extricate themselves from this devilish dialema and to return to their own realm.


As said & now dead Vampire, I'd like to thank the players & crew for displaying such great looks of suprise & horror when I jumped out at them from dark dark corners.

More than 1 guy yelped & almost had a heart attack (by admission).

More than 1 guy was stunned into inaction by the fright I gave him.

Most people had varying looks of "oh shit" when I appeared from the shadows after lying in wait for them...

I learned a lesson though... just because you're a vampire doesn't mean jumping down onto hard ground doesn't hurt... I thought I'd learnt that thanks to Vanya... nope, had to give it a go myself...

I love my black robe!


rofl, how're your ankles?


I've bruised my right heel up good & slightly strained my left knee. I must be getting old...


Let it henceforth be known that all injuries stustained while playing some form of undead and trying to actually jump several meters more than is humanly possible (or even just humanly reasonable) shall be called "Pulling a Vanya"


"...and then I jumped from the roof of the building down in front of the players, but I totally Vanya'd my knee when I landed."


"... so i went to fly i mean jump from the roof of the lower cabin to the balcony of the upper cabin, completely missed the second 3 meters of the gap, Vanya'd my shoulder against the wall and then Vanya'd both ankles when I hit the ground."


"Welcome to the game, now, just so everyone knows, the first aid kit will be on top of the microwave, and we've brought plenty of cooling packs in case anyone Vanyas themselves..."


Oh dear god, what have I done? But at least it makes sense...


Congratulations Vanya. You know you have made it when you become a verb in the English language.

So how do you conjugate it?
I will Vanya myself
You Vanya yourself
We Vanya ourselves

I will Vanya myself
I did Vanya myself
I Vanyaed myself

What is the present tense

I am Vanyaing myself


Beats being "Kaspered" by your own son :imp:


can now add to the list after Chimera..

I got vayna'd!!!


I'm so glad I wasn't one of those people...Ahem.......I'm also so glad you have no clue who I actually am......I hope!