Cave Module



The King Needs You

Brave adventurers are required to travel underground to explore new realms and investigate a map that has been recovered. The King's mages and heros would deal with it except they have all been called aawy by an unexpected Gobling invasion of the Northern Reaches and may be gone for some time. By pure coincidence this time period may be exactly the same as that required to deal with this underground menace.

Therefore the King is offering a reward to brave adventurers willing to put their hide on the line for the sake of the kingdom.

We are preparing a cave module. This will be held in Waitomo. Date to be confirmed. This module may be repeated. Priority will be given to Quest Players in Hamilton and Auckland. Any other spaces are then open to any other players on a first come first served basis. Cost will be $10-25 for the module, plus transport and food.

I need to know who is definately interested.


I'm keen, subject to dates.

I'd like to buy a copy of your rules. What's the easiest way to arrange this ?


I'm interested, the last cave game I went on was amazing.

Question: Is there a genre / medieval time period / RPG / Mythos / Whatever, that you tend to use as a guideline for QW costumes? I'd like to make some stuff for the cave game and I don't mind what genre it is but I would like to fit in if I can...


Does the lack of a reply to the question indicate that there is no genre / time period / RPG / whatever? Or am I just too impatient?


Its a high fantasy game, no set time period, but sword and sorcery stuff.


So basically:
Good :smiley:

Bad :frowning:



Trust me there have been times i wished we did have guns lol


Sorry that I haven't really been around recently. We have rocket launch on the 4th of October and it is getting a little crazy around here. We are at T minus 36 days. Yes, we really are rocket scientists.

In reply to various queries

I'm running a new batch of books of shortly. They will be $10-15 dollars, depending upon the publishing costs. Til then there is an abbreviated rules outlined at

We are a fantasy system, so period and costume can be a bit of a movable feast. Think Dungeons and Dragons. Hamiltonia is a large multiverse. If you turn up in Japanese armour, then you are obviously from one of the southern island states.

Tend to agree. I would not recommend chain down a cave unless it is really good quality as it tends to catch and rip. We especially like to dress up for these modules, though it will probably be possible to see elvish boots from Reebok and Dwarvish boots from the county of Adidas. We'd prefer we didn't but we have to accede to health and safety issues here.

Me too! Let me guess, you would have shot the cat?


That would have been a start... :smiling_imp:


You wound me! Just for that I may set imps on you next time you venture down from the land of Orc.


Oh and my poor brain being fried by a cat that speaks quantum physics wasn't bad enuff? :wink:

Only when i get a plus one codpiece of protection from stupid things players do.


I have just been down a cave mouth near where the trouble is reported to be brewing. There is indeed trouble.
Yestersday I took two porters ( one aged twelve, ah youth rates) some burning torches and a whole swag of healing and defensive magic and headed underground. I found well trodden paths and signs of much carnage. Casting magicks to detect evil in the area I can say that there is much evil and magic in this realm. If we were to consider all the magic and evil normally in such an area to be represented by a twinkie, we would currently find a twelve foot long twinkie.

An expidition is being organised as we speak to deal with this threat to Hamiltonia.


P.s. Where can I get new porters from. They need to be faster than the old ones if they want to escape the same fate.


Alista, have we got a date for this Jeremy is interested and he's never played a cave module before.

He may also be interested if we have a normal game coming up too...


I too am very interested.

However, unless it is held in December, I will not be attending :frowning:

Have fun