Thoughts for Christchurch


Here's hoping all our friends and their families in Christchurch are ok in the latest big shake for Christchurch.
6.3 Magnitude at 12.51pm today. The news is not looking good so far.




Hold on there, people :frowning:


Yeah. I'm less worried now that I've actually managed to talk to some of my friends, but there are still a few unaccounted for. I'm hoping everyone I haven't yet heard from is okay. The news reports keep getting worse, which isn't really helping.


If you know of any ChCh people who are stuck in Wellington due to the airport closure who need a place to stay we've got a spare room and could put someone up.

Thoughts are with everyone affected by the quake.


I have a friend in Chch who has survived with house, water, electricity, phone etc intact and is opening their home to the recently homeless - if you know anyone in Chch who needs a place to stay, pm me and I will pass them on


We know of some people from the area who have come up for Kapcons or LARPs. Assuming they are here on diatribe, just let us know if you're ok.

Buckets o dice people, I'm looking at you. :slight_smile:


For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure I've heard from all of this group.


Similarly, we can offer inflatable beds and stuff in the living room. Could take 3 or four people.




We've got a spare room as well, if anyone needs a place to stay for a bit.


Wellington people - I've registered with these guys and encourage you to call and do the same if you can offer a place to stay: ... hp?id=4334


I'm in wellington and because I don't have much to offer in help I'm thinking of putting together a benefit gig here in Wellington, and wondering if anyone else knows any bands or performers who might be interested please have them contact me


The New Zealand Actors Guild is doing this:

Note that the post is in the first person, and is not me. Contact at the bottom.

I’m putting together a bit of a show to benefit Christchurch – here’s some details below.

I’d be keen to hear from anyone who’d like to perform – music, dance, comedy, whatever so pass it on

Benefit for Christchurch

Rather than just watch helplessly a group of wellington performers has started to put together a show on the performer’s night off – Monday to benefit the Christchurch relief appeal.

Circa Theatre has given us the use of their main stage on Monday 7 March and we are going to put on a show – trying to bring together as many Wellington performers as possible to try and raise some cash for Christchurch.

We’d love you to be involved. If you can help out as a performer, or in any other capacity I’d love to hear from you

Greg Ellis
Artistic Director
384 6704


Roll calls by various groups amongst whom we have friends are being taken on Facebook, if you're looking for people who belong to these groups or have information, go check them out, they should be open to public viewing:

Chantelle linked me to the Christchurch KAOS group roll call: KAOS Roll Call

Angela Wells of the SCA has compiled a list of Christchurch SCA members who are accounted for: SCA Roll Call

Diatribe users "Confusion" and "Akchizar" both survived the quake and have checked in via FB. Are there any other Christchurchian Diatribe users?


I feel weird that I ended up on this. I guess not all of KAOS know I'm not from Christchurch...

Just xyphiod that I know of. He's fine. I heard he may have still been in Auckland post-battlecry.

EDIT: Oh, and wOOt_. He's on the accounted for list too.


I think he works in an ambulance, so he'll be pretty busy at the moment


Is anyone in contact with Scott Farndon, who was in Christchurch last I heard?


Oh duh, I can't believe I forgot about him :blush: FaceSpy informs me that Gaffy and Chantelle are both friend with him on FB - so if either of them could check his profile if he's checked in or not, that's our best bet for finding out. I've messaged Chantelle, and I expect Gaffy will see this fairly soon.


Chantelle says he hasn't checked in via FB, and he's not in Google's people finder.

If anyone has a number for him, it might be worth texting.