The World That Is Known


The World The Is is a big place, even now. But a lot of it is empty and a lot can’t be got to. Around here though, we know a few places.

There’s Crosspire for course, right in the middle of the Free State Militia Territory. A little to the West is the Twin Pines Agriculture Camp. It’s run by the Militia to make food, rumor says for one of the Arcs. They say it’s made up of the worst the Arcs have to offer. So bad they spit ‘em out and work them to death making food for those still inside the shining towers. Further South is the Free Militia Compound. This is where the FSM is based and do all their training.

Roaming around the FSM area is the Righteous Bear tribe. They swore off all tech and went back to some old forgotten ways. Ways forgotten even in the World That Was. They don’t bother the FSM none and the FSM leaves them be. For the most part.

A little further West along the Sea is Arc Eustonia. Sometimes people come out. More often than not they get found dead not long after. Like they can’t or won’t cope with the World That Is.

Just East of the FSM is the Clement Republic, or maybe I should say was. The Republic and FSM had a big bust up a few years back. The Republic got a right whipping and now most of their land is FSM territory. Republic ain’t too happy about, but that’s War for you.

Up to the North and West by the Sea is the Candymen. Crazy kid wannabes who don’t wanna grow up. Live in what was a Pacific Playland. Whatever that is. They trade with this strange sweet food. They call it ‘candy’. Don’t get to close though. They’re as like to eat you as play with you.

There even be word of a Tribe from way up North. Where the Great Winter still holds sway. A Tribe that brews the fiercest hooch you ever tried and keeps looking for more.

A little further South and a little to the West in some mountains is the Zenobia territory. They’re a tribe of warrior women. Fierce as fuck and don’t like outsiders poking around.

Down in the South you’ve got Acid City and the Tyrant’s territory. Called the Tyrant as no one knows what else to call ‘em. Slaves, guns, drugs. You want it you can get it in The South. Near the North of it is a place called the Sprawl. Anything you wanna get moved you’ll find someone to move it there.

Just to the South and East of the Tyrant’s patch is a place called the Badlands. Only real Savages live in there, civilised folk won’t go near. But every now and then some tech heavy bastard comes stumbling out and won’t say where they’re from.

Off to the East by the Ocean is ArcTecSci or the Arcology of Technology and Science. Surrounding it is a place they call New New York. Basically the Arc’s slum. People there ain’t part of the Arc but ain’t part of the World That Is neither.

They even say that over the Ocean is Great Britain. A real country like from the World That Was.


Interesting, I scratched out a map on a piece of paper going by your descriptions, seems might nice place to live, it sure do...


Hey, the Candymen don't eat people...we eat saltpork...or is that longpork...? I can never remember...


Relativity Map

  1. Crosspire
  2. Twin Pines Agriculture Camp
  3. Free Militia Compound
  4. Arc Eustonia
  5. Candymen
  6. Zenobia
  7. Acid City
  8. Sprawl
  9. Badlands
  10. ArcTecSci

  • Blue = Coast
  • Grey = Mountains
  • Green = FSM
  • Red = Badlands
  • Pink = Tyrants
  • Lilac = New New York
  • Yellow = Clement Republic


From what the outsiders know, yip that's roughly right.


Pretty good, :slight_smile:


That's roughly what I worked out too...


we made it onto the Map :slight_smile: i think that's a good thing lol