The preperation of Crosspire


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The night of the Mayor's speech, Christa starts talking to some of the locals and willing helpers and enlisting help to gather some resources to make Crosspire more defensible. In her hands is a map drawn with great precision outlining a plan for laying out a minefield, using trenches and other assorted measures to make the town more defensible. When asked she says that as Crosspire's new engineer, she was asked to do this by the Mayor and she has consulted with the ill Captain Sosa on the more strategic side of the plan.

She asks everyone to spread the word that she is looking for volunteers to help with some of the more manual parts of the plan ( digging trenches etc) and also to gather any resources that will help her build more explosives and some of the traps.

She is also careful that the residents know the way to safely travel in and out of Crosspire, and spreads this by word of mouth. Early the next morning she can be found making notes and drawings and studying the computer she has in the medbay and collating the resources some of the towns folk are gathering.


OOC: Are you going to have this map at the game? That would be awesome.


Planning on it but will depend on if I have time and GM approval :stuck_out_tongue:


I totally get the time thing. That stuff disappears really fast. I'm not even sure where it goes.


Nova-Tania will follow around Christa to start with, as is expected, but then gets bored by the talk of warfare. She heads out to talk with other people in town, spending time at the smithy with June, at Val's Diner, and hanging about the medbay, spending time with Doc & stuff out the back.


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[ Surrealfish wrote:-----------------------

After Doc emerges early on Day One and gives his inspiring (to his ears anyway) speech, he quickly makes it known that the conflicts have taken a fair chunk out of the non-renewable resources such as gunpowder and medicines. While these can be replaced, the threat of a clash with incoming forces is enough to spur a more rapid gathering campaign.

Also, not to make anyone nervous, but given the Clement State was based in the east, which is where the 'British Forces' were coming from. Can anyone elucidate what happened to the Candymen, given their heavily fortified but peaceful enclosure was far to the west? Completely acknowledge that the same forces may be responsible, but in the time frame seems unlikely. Some minor concern there's two forces incoming.]

Kate Wrote:
On Day One, Tic is running around like a headless chicken, trying to organise someone(s) to help take her brother back to Playland for the burial ritual and to see what happened with the rest of the (Candymen) gang. If their timetables coincide, this may well involve a specific couple of PCs (was it Tom and Drake? A girl with a truck, in any case...), and the gods [GM] have agreed she/they will be back in Crosspire by Day Two or Three.

I suspect that whatever Tic finds at Playland, will make her:

1) extremely pissed at whoever it was who broke up her gang and messed up her playground [I'm thinking she will bring back any evidence of who might have done that, to show the "good guys" at Crosspire], and will want some kind of revenge.

2) let Doc (or whoever's handling it) know that the Candymen's main weaponry skill is with bows, which are far easier to provide ammunition for than guns, and that for what it's worth, she's more than willing to lend her fletching/shooting skills to the Crosspire cause if that helps hit back at the bullies who beat up her gang [In theory she's happy to teach people how to shoot a handbow, but just so everyone knows, Tic can do it well but Kate can't...].

3) really want to repopulate the Candymen and Playland, cos that's her home and her gang. Depending on what condition Playland is left in when she goes back, it could be a strong possibility that she might suggest to Doc that the Good Guys at Crosspire could come and live at Playland and be Candymen. Apart from the recent lack of varied diet, they lived pretty well there. Just a thought...


Just an update to the above: Having not found anyone to help with the transport, Tic has left (I think on Day 2) alone, to take Buzz's body back to Playland. She will be arriving back at Crosspire at the beginning of the game (whatever time that is in in-game time), extremely pissed off, and ready to kick some bully-boy ass. I suspect she didn't get the evidence she wanted to hand over, as to who was actually responsible for leaving big craters in her playground, but this probably won't stop her wanting to beat someone (or someones) up via a severe case of handbow arrows to any bits of them that will hurt...


This is all good by me.


One day, Christa is seen walking through the town with a mobile turret. It is quite a sight and she moves the turret to outside the town to help block the least defensible approach to Crosspire with a killing machine.