Session 5: Welcome to New New York, enjoy your stay


Edited now that date has been confirmed.

Session 5 will be on May 23rd, in Wellington.

It's been a year since New Haven kicked you out, or you left 'cause you couldn't stay.

The World That Is continues to fuck you over. But so far, you seem to still be alive.

Whether by chance, intent or fate you have found your way to New New York. This place has it all, but will it eat you whole?

Register here: ... =send_form

Registered players:

Sam Walker
Steph Cybart
Amanda Alderson
Mel Duncan
Jarratt Gray
Anthony doornebosch
Courtney Parnell
Jordan Henare
Martin Clyde
Scott Kelly
Rowena Knill
Chris Rosedale
Sarah Daymond
Nick Pitt
Alastair Kirkby
Cameron Walter
Mark Wilson
Reuben Strom
Ryan Conroy
Kate Barker


Would this session be in Wellington still? (Just asking as there was mention of a game in Auckland.)


Yes this is the Wellington session. Now that a new Fallout inspired game has been announced in Auckland I may reconsider running in Auckland. Will see how things are after this session though.


I'm super excited about a session set in NNY! Flora's home turf! YES!




(I'm sure you have your own plans, but... If we could have Flora's bar represented in game, it'd be neat.) :smiley:


The Fallout LARP will be primarily run in Hamilton/the Waikato so Auckland is still free for ya to do stuff in...


Omg yes. Sophie, this is an official plea to have the game set in Flora's bar.


Is this going to be a Fallout/Casablanca crossover session?


Well now that you mention it...


Oh it will most certainly make an appearance.




We currently have 16 players registered for this session. I'm keen to get another 4 confirmed people by Hydra otherwise I may need to reconsider whether there are enough people to make this viable.

Registration form is here,…/1ZGqbawKvSpGoBTiAM_xYxuh…/viewform