Session 4's memorable moments


You guys know the deal.

I'm waiting to discuss a couple of things with a couple of people before I can really say any of my big ones.

But in one of AJ's stroppy moments she slammed her bag down and I'd forgotten I had my ceramic mug in my bag. Heard a crunch and soon discovered my wooden bowl had broke but the mug was fine. Had an OOC giggle at that.


An enlightening and rather long conversation with Jeremiah (Frankie's Historian NPC's) while I ate my dinner. Really interesting, though we were both a bit cagey. Definitely some plot threads I want to chase down there. It felt like this took up a lot of my night though it ended pretty abruptly when Amber dragged me to the other end of the hall far away from the first bomb. Possibly a bit of past game trauma informing how our characters act in that one.

But the second bomb was much harder to stay away from. Desperately wanting to disarm it myself, but letting the expert deal with it and thinking Yellow, cut the yellow. Mastermind ftw on that one. It really felt like you were tracing down coloured wires trying to figure out the right sequence to cut.

Most of the rest of the game is pretty much a blur. So many people I wish I got to talk to but never did. I did enjoy that there was a lot more breathing room in this session before the shit hit the fan though, so more time to explore establishing relationships and having conversations.


There was the minor, non-significant event of THE FREAKING BOMB IN AJ
That was tense, OOC mainly. I was so scared of killing other player's characters off that I started to panic.

Another memorable moment that not many were witness to (if anyone apart from Thom) was when the other arc were coming in for Vi and Eric, and Vi's Arc's AI (Arty) was projected out of Vi's suit informed her that the life signs of all 15 of her men have gone. Vi's immediate reaction was one of "WHAT" to which Arty replied "Oh no, wait, there are a few with weak signs. Their patterns indicate they are suffering a considerable amount of mental and physical stres- oh. They're gone now"
Vi was practically hyperventilating at this point and on the verge of tears.

There was another unnoticed moment when she was waiting for Eric for him to sort out what he wanted to do before they left (near the end of the game) in which she sat on a chair and stared in shock at the ground with tears running down her face before quickly wiping them away as Eric approached.


Yeah Fox saw that. Was just about to respond when trouble walked in through the door. Unfortunately this resulted in her being down, but not out, and I never got a chance to check on Vi in game. but don't worry Fox saw the look of anguish on Vi's face.


I'm glad someone noticed! Vi feels solely responsible for the lives of 15 men that were just lost so she isn't feeling so great right now. I think the Terrible 3 gained a new addition