Session 3 Registration and Paid list (updated 25/01/14)


Registration for session 3 is now open.

19 players have registered, leaving 11 player spots open.

You can register here for both crew and players: ... Y/viewform


Chris Rosedale
Ellen Boucher
Steph Cybart
Daena Dixon
Sam Walker
Anthony Doornebosch
Rebecca Harris
Nick Adams

Registered and Paid

Jenni Sands
Richard Dagger
Mat Gritt
Patrick Cummuskey
Nikki Brown
Phillip Brown
Courtney Parnell
Amanda Alderson
Jarratt Gray
Mel Duncan
Scott Kelly


Hannah Kerr
Nick Wolf
Nasia Alevizos
Peter Cadle
Tanya Nendick
Wendy lane
Jon Ball
Lisa Aronson
Daniel Zollinger
Hamish Cameron
Hannah Mckie
Nick Cole
Dale Carswell
Jess Cassbolt
Thomas Joychild
Frank Pitt


I closed the form thanks page; which has the payment info on it...
can you post it all here, cus I want to pay for my slot NOW Gods damn it..


Payment info is here: viewtopic.php?f=213&t=9052


Paid today :slight_smile:


THANK YOU! - paid...