Session 2 thoughts, feelings discussion


Fixed for you. I for one am impressed with Teds honesty


Flora hasn't pissed off Hawk either, but then they have never talked. So many players Hawk just doesn't know.

Hawk was there with Fox when Drake said "because I have awesome hair." It definitely got a smile.

I think I know why Ted might think he is dead. Getting to the codes to an orbital nuke could help.

Also I don't know if Hawk has that many enemies. Not any that have shown up in the game. Of course it appears that Hawk is amazing at ignoring any plot that may be directed at him by the GMs.


I don't remember making any enemies...

Luxury! Apparently not all sisters do.


I have to say that was an epic moment for me! I was like, these are the options. And Christa replied straight away on Nova's behalf. Talk about taking away agency! I can't wait to see what comes of that...


I feel so bad about this. It's tough to try and sort the in character options and what makes the most sense and what the consequences are. And I'm not sure why Nova didn't get a say either. She was awake wasn't she?


As far as I was aware, yes she was. Seemed like her sister knew what was best.


Yes Nova was there, it all happened so quickly.
Its a game full of consequences isn't it. :wink:


It happened really quickly. I think part of that was because we had to evacuate the town so time was running out. Like no pressure or anything.


I'm still not sure who's alive and who's dead. An arcologist was yelling for everyone to get out of town and so we grabbed the wounded and ran.


Man, it seems like there was so much going on... I'm reading these posts and I have no idea who anyone is or what they're talking about XD


Damn those Arcologists and there kooky ways...


Sorry 'bout it :wink:


It was a really confusing scene, with the pressure of people yelling about bombs and quarantine, but I dont think IC I could have done anything differently. Nova had been played as a drug addled, will do anything for emerald character and the only other person who I trusted for advice on what to do there was Hawk who agreed on the action we took. Also Christa hates Audrey and sees her like a cancer, so not sure how she would ever have agreed to let Audrey remain, unless it was a clear choice between death and cake. So sorry if people feel like I took that choice away from Nova, and OOC I feel bad for not giving her a say but I dont see how my character would have responded differently without metagaming.

So yeah sorry if this has created some OOC bad feeling, I hope it hasnt because I thought it was an amazing IC moment and drama.


So here's the thing:

Apparently Tic shooting the Head of the British Invasion Force has consequences. Who knew?? :slight_smile:

At the end of Session 2, Tic left Crosspire to run after the Righteous Bear Tribe, and may or may not be coming back to try and find Sosa and bring him back to his Tribe (cos your Tribe is important, huh).

Now I as a player have just been informed by the Powers That Be that Tic is now on a Most Wanted List, and it has been suggested to me that she might want to try and find somebody to hide behind. The thing is, Tic as a character probably wouldn't know how seriously she needs to do this in order to maybe stay alive.

Does anybody have any thoughts as to how (as a novice Larper) I can play this and/or try and find some help for her here as a player, but not know that I've done that as a character? Or something like that...

Logic isn't either of our strong points...



Just a couple of thoughts.

Tic knows the world is harsh, even hiding out with the Candymen in the Playground wouldn't change that opinion. It probably enhances it. "Only the playground is safe" for example, and then it turned out that even the playground wasn't safe.

With that in mind being most-wanted is probably not entirely lost on Tic. Tic probably knows the crap could down at any second. Bounty Hunters are likely after her. She's already seen hunters like Hawk bring in Drake first session and the Clement republic go after Sosa and Fox with a vengeance. I'm pretty sure that Fox hasn't been seen since the end of session 2, so I'm pretty sure Tic knows the kind of trouble that is coming her way.

Whether Tic know how to deal with that is obviously another story, but I would suggest letting Tic play out the fact that she knows she in serious, could be killed at any moment, sort of trouble.

In terms of playing it out, one option would actually be a disguise. I know it's a new costume and that is a pain, but actually pretending to be someone else is likely Tic's best option. Her friends are dead and any allies she has are pretty scattered. Use the next game to try and get to Sosa and see if there is anyone else that can help you.

Hope that helps.

EDIT: It's also been 4 weeks, so assuming you go the disguise route you will be well entrenched in pretending to be someone else. Perhaps Tic could have found someone that gave her some sagely advice and she has used that to come back and try and make amends or get allies.


Maybelle would totally help Tic out! We've been bros for ages. Also because she kinda pissed off those guys too, and she will also be seeking a body-guard. Oh, siblings mine... :smiley:

Also, did anyone take Maybelle to the safe settlement? Or did some old wanderer just kinda of drag her there?