Quest Waikato


Hi everyone. We are now affiliated with NZLARPS, hopefully mutually.

Quest is a fantasy based Live Role Play based vaguely on D and D and Palladium. If you have played these games you should feel at home

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Happy adveturing everyone


Hey everyone,
Lets get some different perspectives from Quest games on here.
Not sure where exactly we should post game reports but anywhere associated with the game in Quest-ion would be good.



Hey Alista,
Have you had a look at the new guff posted on the paddywack thread? Whats the chance of those being able to be used in Quest? At least as personal weapons, I know they have some pointed edges but I'm getting sick of boffer weapons... & don't have the time or patience to make anything better myself.



Feel free if you want Jared, but be warned, you cannot thrust with those swords, the tips are not suitable.


Pwhhht! Thrusting, like lace cuffs, is for nancy boys anyway.


quite true Derek - I know quite a few 'nancy-boys' who might just agree with you. :laughing:


NOw i am trying to imagine the Roman Legions in lace :open_mouth:


I would never have thought of calling a heavy lancer or a jouster a nancy boy.


You obviously know fewer jousters than I do then. :unamused:


Wow theres a nice opportubity for a dig in your first statement Derek!
Thrusting for nancy boys? You might say that to a swordsman, who might then gently slide cold steel between your ribs. He/she might still be a nancy but you'd still be dead.
Funny thing is after posting here I realised I can't really justify spending that much money on latex weapons. So really its a moot point.
Sux really. Guess I'll just have to do without latex. Boffery crapness!



I could say soooo much about nancy-boys and thrusting with latex-sheathed weapons...


...but that would be uncouth (and might bring down the wrath of the moderators), so I won't. :wink:


Maybe, but then he'd be up for murder! :open_mouth:


good luck bringing an ogre or litch before the magistrate!


Hi Jared

Do you realise you get 30% off the paddywhack stuff if you become an nzlarps member

(No this is not shameless recruitment. Honest!) :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, there's a sale on now:


are those sale prices with the 30% discount?


Nope, the discounts don't stack. That'd be cutting me own throat. So to speak. Those prices are whether you're with NZLARPS or not, but only until the end of May.


Yes I realise I get a discount as a nzlarps member (which I am, though I still haven't recieved formal notification of my membership as of yet)
Even then its still too pricey... or rather more pricey than I can justify.
The problem also is that I want too much!



Just saw discounted items... yes could afford these.
Have we got any budget at Quest for any Alista or Telpe? For boss monsters et al.? I could donate $20 or so towards it... no more as I need to afford my own :smiling_imp:



Quest Waikato has no plans to purchase latex weapons at this stage. Individual palyers are welcome to buy their own if they want, but they will be your own responsability.

The following caveat applies: these weapons are not suitable for thrusting. Be aware that if you choose to use these weapons you will be required to restrict your fighting style to accomodate this. Also be aware that you may have to come up with an alternative to the yellow tape / red tape identifiers for enchanted / poisioned weapons; as adhesive tape may damage latex coated weapons.

edit: white tip rules for dark coloured weapons will still apply.

edit: edited for typos (damn it)