Looking for connections


Vera 'The Visionary', resident fortune-teller of Coney Island Fairground, NY, looking for connections with all sort, though I would particularly love some connections with shady sorts and some enemies/people I rubbed up the wrong way.


-=Changed Character Oh My!=-


Pianist and mage looking for connections, though perhaps not too recently.


Good father of a church based in gravesend (sourthern side of brooklyn)who followed the call after a very troubling upbringing and known to be watchful and protective of those he see's as his flock, be them drunks, homeless, the owner of the corner store, etc

looking for people of all types willing be part of the flock or be known to me


Enrico ‘Rick’ Capello is a man about town in both Chicago and New York. A restless soul who doesn’t like to be tied down, he moves freely in both mundane and supernatural circles. Rick is the elder brother of the sensible Bianca Capello and is of Italian descent. He has an uncanny knack for getting items and/or people in and out of tight spots… but only for the right price. He disdains physical violence and prefers to talk out disagreements over a stiff drink.


Gabrielle Milton, born in Chicago I am a Nurse with one foot in the world of mobs and the other in the world of the working class, seeking connections, maybe you're my best friend, perhaps your the person who ruined my life, or did we fall in love during the great war when i was serving as an army nurse. I am currently based in New York working in the Mount Sinai Hospital


Roberto Santa Domenica Vittoria.
Son of the late Raffaele Santa Domenica Vittoria, former head of the Vittoria family (Of Sicilian origin). After his father's death, the family was taken control of by his uncle. Roberto has spent the last few years working to prove himself so that he can one day take what he views as his rightful place as the head of his family.
The Vittoria family has a stake in the casino known as Château de Soleil and has been under scrutiny by law enforcement due to suspected links to organized crime.


Dee, party girl, gambler and fun sort.

Looking for Organised Crime types to be her employers, Law Enforcement Types to be her allies and party types to have a good time with.


Hey I'm playing an Irish Catholic from outta Hells' Kitchen. Wear's a grey cloak and carries a silver sword, y'all know the drill.

Looking for any contacts from fellow church goers, neighbourhood friends to white council allies (and anybody else who might be keen to know me!)



Looking for really recent friends, moved to New York in the month before the game starts. Party type, so looking for people who she would have bumped into. =D


You'll have met me : Milly, Mrs Milly Montgomery, a wealthy widow who travels around a bit. Into the socialite scene goes to many parties etc, was very interested in meeting new people, to break the boredom of it all darhling.
Likes to meet lots of people, so anyone else in this scene welcome to make contact too.


Sounds like we would have crossed paths!


If you run a soup kitchen, you'd definitely know of me. I'm Bob. Been destitute and (whenever possible) drunk throughout the 30's. WIlling to diligently do work to earn a few bucks, when sober enough, but good at losing jobs through drunkenness. You won't have seen me since April.

Probably also done the odd handyman job around the Coney Island fairgrounds.


Walker Day. Freelance Courier. I guarantee discretion and anonymity and I never look in the package. I require atleast half payment before delivery and the rest on completion. I am also the best in the biz. If you want discretion or simply the job done quickly, ask for Walker Day. I'll be around somewhere.

After the events in Chicago I'm currently headed for New York.


Alicia Nolan. Chicago native, but occasionally travels to New York on business, as well as having spent some time running around the city about ten years ago, during the days of her wayward youth. Officially a writer for a radio serial, but does a side trade in scrying. You want something found, Alicia can find it. Doesn't necessarily mean she'll agree to finding it- But should you care to try, you wouldn't be the first to win over her reservations about getting something you need with a sob story.


Looking for some new York connections for Vincent
Magically aware Human private investigator from Chicago
Served in the war and originally from Washington
Let me know if you're interested