Lead up to Session 3 Online RP


Flora's too exhausted to even glower too much, but she puts on her best effort all the same.

"Yeah. We've met. You knew what my name is -middle name and all- even though I never told it to no one and I got no fuckin' idea who you are. Guess you still can't explain that?"


"Flora Grace Whittaker."


She slams her hand down on the table. "Don't say that!"


Artemis gets up "Easy there Flora, he didn't mean anything by it". She didn't mean to raise her voice a little with that militaristic tone, but she was too used to doing that by now.

She turns to the strangely dressed man "I think I remember letting you in to the town not long ago. Lola isn't here right now, Flora is working here as of recently"


Hob blinks rapidly several times and has the look of a man just waking up.
"well, that was interesting."
He turns to the militaristic looking young woman with the incongruous pink hair.
"Sorry, Hob Lucas, terrible with names I am, you are?"


"Sergeant Fallon" she replied promptly, folding her arms, using her cloak to conceal her weapons. No reason to scare this one off yet, she thought.


At this, Flora scoffs, but she doesn't say anything- At least, not clearly, though she mutters something that, while not quite intelligible, by its tone could be assumed to contain a fair amount of profanity.


"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Sergeant. If there's anything I can do to help do let me know. But I really should speak to Flora Gr- Miss Whittaker here, I'm afraid we've rather got off on the wrong foot." Inwardly, Hob noticed that his accent was drifting again. Another question he didn't have an answer for. He turned back to the woman behind the bar.
"Look, I'm sorry if my presence has been a source of discomfort, but I'm as much in the dark as you are. I really do have no idea how or where I came about your name, but perhaps we can help each other out. You help me with finding that out and maybe there's something I can do for you?"
Hob really hoped she didn't take that the wrong way.


Arms still crosses and usual stern stare, Artemis glances over to Flora to see if she's okay


Flora considers Hob's offer.

Coming to a conclusion is difficult between how tired she is and the emerging ache in her stomach, now that she's put her whiskey down long enough for the pain of her wound from the explosions to re-emerge through her inebriated haze. What she wants more than anything is to curl up in bed with her whiskey and music box (and maybe bawl her eyes out for her safe little existence in the Arc, though she'd die before admitting it), but ultimately the pressing need to understand what's going on, to win some victory over this shithole of a town that seems hell-bent on confusing and frightening everyone who wanders into it, wins.

Slowly, she nods.

"Look, I'm gonna accept that you don't know how you know my name. But you gotta understand, you come up to a person who don't have any connections outside of her Arc and know who she is- It's gonna scare the fuckin' hell out of her. But all right. It's a deal. I'm curious. Just don't go around sayin' my name all careless like that- I don't need everyone knowin' who I am. You ain't got any connections to a group called the Coyotes by any chance? The name Simon Whittaker ring any bells?"


Artemis could tell Flora seemed freaked out, for whatever reason. Flora seemed okay in Artemis' books, so she continued her stare at Hob, arms still crossed and waiting for his response. Whatever he was about to say wasn't any of her business, but making sure Flora is okay was


Hob scans his memory the best he can, but the name doesn't seem at all familiar. Finally, he shakes his head
"No, I'm sorry, nothing. At least, not for the moment."
He places a couple of bullets on the bar.
"Perhaps a drink will help, and one for the Sergeant here too."


"That won't be necessary" Artemis replied. She was a little done hanging around here, especially when she couldn't talk to Flora in private. "I will be on my way"

She picks up her gun and puts her hat back on and makes her way to the door. Before she leaves, she looks at Flora and says "Yell if you need me" before promptly walking outside


Flora looks after Artemis in bewilderment. "Um. OK?" She's not sure if she even hears her.

Returning her focus to Hob, she gestures to the newly-arranged array of bottles whose order she herself presumably understands. "Take your pick. And, I dunno, start by tellin' me what you do know, I guess. Where you came from, that sort of thing?"


"Where I come from?" Well now, that's a long and complicated tale, the complication being that I don't remember all of it."


Flora rolls her eyes.

"Whatever. Tell me what you do remember."


The woman who was known around Crosspire as Nova had slipped into the room that morning. She seemed to be looking the place over, noting the layout, the booze, all the contents of the room. As if she were noticing them for the first time. She sits quietly to the side of the bar, not wanting to interupt the others' conversation, but at Hob's last comment, an exclamation come from her unvoluntarily.
As the others notice her, she feels like she has to explain herself. "You too? How many people here have ... memory lapses? I'm not very sure of anything anymore. Like.. everything. Do you know Christa, or Hawk?"


Walking out of the bar she noticed more people were up, and a considerable amount of time must have passed while she was in there. She was only two steps towards her current path when she was met by a tap on her shoulder
"Excuse me, Sergeant" said a rather tired voice. She turned and saw that red-haired assistant lady, looking rather nervous. Artemis had forgotten her name, but remembered making her laugh the night before.

"I'm afraid that you'll have to accompany those men over there" the lady said, indicating to the uniformed men outside the town, bearing the symbol of those Brit people that keep being mentioned "You are required for questioning"

Well, shit - she thought. What do I do now... do I run? Hah, no, they'll catch me and I'll have to kill them. That'll be something further to explain.
"Very well" Artemis snapped, and made her way towards the men.

Let's have a little fun, she smirked as she disappeared out of the town.


Flora looks at Nova and rolls her eyes upward- Though she doesn't say it, it's obvious that she's thinking, Oh. It's you.

"Yeah, I was talkin' to Christa about what's goin' on in the Arcs. She's your sister, ain't she? I don't know who Hawk is.


AJ rubbed her face with one hand as she made her way towards the main cluster of the town. There was a lot on her mind, and she wasn't quite sure how to deal with it, or even where to start dealing with it all. Large dark rings circled her eyes, and it was obvious she hadn't slept well last night but, oddly, she looked happy. Her conversation with Hawk had left her in a peculiar mood, one that she didn't remember being in for a very long time.

Having been a messenger girl between Fox and Sosa all morning and then going for a wild bike ride on the spur of the moment, she decided she was in need of a good strong drink.

Her pace slowed when she spotted Flora at the bar, and her expression fell. She had no idea how to have that conversation. Movement in the infirmary made her turn her head, and seeing James there made her stop completely. She glanced around, and frowned a little when she saw Grace stop Sergeant Fallon, and the latter walk towards some British soldiers. Nothing she can do there, but she sent a few words skywards to whoever was listening that all three of her newfound friends would survive their respective interrogations.

After a moment, she took a deep breath and set her jaw, pulling a note out of her pocket that Hawk had given her, and striding firmly towards the med bay, towards James.

She ignored whatever was happening at the bar, and set her hand on his shoulder, holding the unrolled note up for him to see. "James, you care to explain this?"

[i]((OOC: The note reads the following:

Dear Esteemed Bounty Hunter;

I am looking for the Killer of my daughter, it's been 2 months since this culprit was last seen. Local Militia at the Arc of Technology & Science, New New York had him last, but they couldn't hold him. We've supplied details that we have from the report. As far as I am concerned the case is cut and dry, he was the last to see / hear from my daughter, Anastasia.

I would prefer him to be taken alive for questioning, as the fate of my Daughter is still unknown to me.

WANTED: For the Murder of Anastasia Jade
Terms: Alive, Deliver to the Milita HQ of the Arc of Technology & Science, New New York.
Name: James Perkins
Height: 5"8'
Weight: 96kg
Eyes: Brown
Profession: Chemical Engineer
Note: Not Physically Dangerous, but very Smart