Lead up to Session 3 Online RP


Artemis nods her head in thanks and notices the slightly startled look in the Arc lady's eyes.

"Sorry" she mumbled. "Sometimes I forget who I am talking to. Too used to talking to my..." She was about to say friends and realized that never applied with anyone. "...my associates"

Once a monster, always a monster I suppose she thought to herself.


Busying herself with re-organisng the bottles on the table into a different, yet equally useless order, Flora says; "S'allright, sweetheart. I'm used to it. Been workin' in a bar these last ten years, and somethin' about bein' the one on this side makes people think it's all right to tell you stuff."


"Well, I suppose you're right. Remind me to never get drunk around you, who knows what I'd spill"

"Would hate for that look to reappear and stay there" she smiled.


"You don't wanna get drunk around me, this ain't the place you wanna be. I don't think Trav puts up with people hangin' around and not buyin' anything for too long." She frowns. "And I don't know what look you're talkin' about."


Artemis reaches in to her pocket and flicks a few bullets on to the bar. "That should keep him happy for a bit"

She chuckled "the look I get from most people. Usually without me saying a single thing"


Flora flicks the bullets back to Artemis. "Hey, keep 'em. Trav ain't here. And it ain't like you're takin' up anyone else's seat, this early in the mornin'. And you're only drinkin' water. 'Least, I think that's what that was." She sighs. Her own reserve of water from the tap in her apartment in the Arc ran out a few days ago, and she's been struggling with the choice between dehydration and catching God-only-knows what from the local supply. How did people survive in conditions like this? How had she survived in conditions like this, once upon a time, before disappearing into her lovely, safe dome?

"Anyway, you seem to know what you're doin' with 'em, and you don't like the Clement Republic, so I'd rather you held onto 'em."


A little taken back, she puts them back in her pocket. "Most seem to take comfort in knowing I have less" she said, frowning a little. "But...thanks"


"Look, I don't know you, but at least you ain't on the side of the bastards who kidnapped me. I don't care how many bullets you got, so long as I ain't the one bein' shot at."


"I like you" she laughed. "And as long as I'm not given a reason to shoot you, then we have no problem"

She thought for a moment. "Why the fuck did they kidnap you anyways?"


There's nothing left for Flora to re-organise, so at last, she grabs a chair and sits down accross from Artemis.

"I don't know," she admits. "I thought I was gonna end up a slave or dead, but they seemed to have other plans- Don't ask me what they were, mind. Confused the hell out of me, I ain't no one important. We were goin' somewhere and they had some kinda purpose in mind, but they wouldn't tell me nothin', and I never got to find out, 'cause those Bear Clan savage-types came in and killed 'em all before we got to wherever they were takin' me."


"Other plans huh" she said thoughtfully. "I'm afraid I couldn't tell ya, usually your first assumption woulda been correct"

"Maybe they were handing you in to someone or something" she said jokingly. "Lucky for you, Sosa's lot were around I suppose. Nice bunch, but bit...well. I guess not the kinds of normal behaviour to what we're used to."

"Quite keen to make me marry off to Sosa's brother if I wanted to join" she smirked with afterthought.


"I agree with ya there. I mean, if you weren't lucky enough to be in an Arc before the collapse or ya couldn't get in through-" she looks around warily, then remembers where she is and relaxes, somewhat- "other means, I guess you'd haveta make do with what you had, but rejectin' technology like they did?" Flora shakes her head in disbelief. "That ain't normal. And there ain't no one around to hand me in to- I got a brother who'll be wantin' to know where I ended up, but he's back in New New York."

She perks up at the hint of gossip. "Sosa's brother, huh? But you ain't keen to be a savage?"


Artemis had never been involved in pleasantries like this, and went a little red trying to think of how to respond to that. "Well, uh. The life just seems.... more simple. Reminds me of when I was living in a free city when I was little. But to join I have to marry one of them. I don't quite fancy his brother either" she frowned. "Attachment to people doesn't come easy to me, can only say I am attached to one or two for sure"

She looked around awkwardly, not really sure how to continue.


James walks into the Infirmary, stopping as he realised what he'd stepped in. Amongst all the chaos, the infirmary hadn't been cleaned. Looking around he decided things would work better with a little reorganising. Doc was busy recovering AND being Mayor, Cara wouldn't be up for a few hours, what better way to burn time while waiting for an answer.


Thankful to finally have the chance to sit still long enough to ask questions and expect them to be answered, Flora finds herself relaxing, though still only marginally.

"Free city? What's that? Like, a proper city?"


Artemis raised her eyebrow. "Well... any city is probably a proper city" Still not really sure how to answer it, she continues "It just meant we were outside of any influence from anyone."

Her usual angry expression fell back to her face "It never stays that way for long"


"I mean, like, how much of a city is it? What kind of tech they got?" Noticing Artemis's anger, she goes on: "Yeah. I don't think there's anywhere like that. The Arc's supposed to be self-sustainin', but that British Protectorate bitch has her paws all over it, from the sound of things."


Hob shuffled around the small town, lost in thought. He wasn't quite why he was still here. Oh, except he'd forgotten where his lab was again, and it was probably a good idea to stick around until it was certain May? - Ma? - wotsername was going to be ok after getting shot in the face. He wasn't entirely sure when that had happened, but that was more down to so many things happening at once that night rather than his agonizingly unreliable memory.
It was strange what he did and didn't remember. Like his skills and knowledge as a chemist, that was all pretty clear. Paloma used to call him Heisenberg sometimes, but why was a complete blank.
Now where had that thought come from?
Hob remembered he thought Paloma had been here the other night, but it wasn't actually her. Just some woman with a clipboard doing a lot of talking about things he didn't understand.
Hob knew he had a lab somewhere out there, and that sometimes strange, scary people turned up to give him supplies, generally in exchange for the drugs he manufactured. He knew he must have made an arrangement with them at some point, but again he couldn't remember the details. But perhaps he should stick around here, see about moving his equipment closer. The clinic here could certainly use medical supplies that he knew how to produce, and there were plenty of other items he could make to trade with the locals as well. Soap, for example. Certainy plenty of folks around here could use that.
Hob decided he'd wait and see, if the townsfolk were a little friendlier maybe he'd stay on. That Sosa had been all right, had kept his promise to pass on to the doctor / mayor the drugs he'd traded. It was a little worrying later though when he'd so blatantly lied about what happened to that friend of his, the one he claimed had "fallen" and hit her head. But he must have had his reasons, and things were extremely confusing that night after all.
Shrugging, Hob decided he needed a drink and headed for the bar. The girl tending bar - Lola was it? - had been nice, and she had a certain way of standing that reminded him of someone.


Flora nods slightly in the robed freak's direction as he approaches the bar to call Artemis's attention to him.

"Check out this weirdo. Creeps me the fuck out. You have any idea who he is?" she mutters.


Hob stepped up to the bar, then paused, a puzzled look crossing his face as he sees a new face behind it.
"Urm, you're not Lola. Who are you? Sorry, don't mean to be rude, just caught me by surprise. Would I..."
Seeing the way she is glaring at him in a decidedly unfriendly fashion, he hesitates. He doesn't remember meeting her before. The woman with the pink hair was the first to speak to him when he arrived in Crosspire, a part of his brain making a note to ask her how she gets it that colour, but this fierce looking young woman behind the bar is a complete blank to him.
"Sorry, have we met?"