Introduce yourself


I’ll arrange something with the chef for the next 3 day game.[/quote]

I will take part in that evaluation!


HI Kamica.
I’m Saskia I moved to NZ around 5 or 6 years ago. I’m from Eindhoven Noord Brabant :smiley: Where in Holland are you from? i don’t remember seeing you at the Teonn day game but you should come to Chimera up in Auckland in July.
Would be nice to meet someone else that larps from Holland !


WHAT THE HECK! Another dutch person =D.
Also, I went to school in Eindhoven about a year ago =3.
I was at the daygame, not the weekend game though =(. I played some spirits, and at the end a few bandits.
So if you’ve seen spirits, you’ve probably seen me =D. Or if you were in the final battle.

I reckon I have to decide what LARPS to join at Chimera… any suggestions?


house on the haunted hill friday night :smiley:


‘Dress code’? I don’t really have much in terms of clothing…


Ahoy there!
So, I have a friend. And he bugged me about LARPing for a while. And then I met other people, who also bugged me until I relented and crewed at Teonn:BotD. 'twas good fun, and now I want to LARP even more. For those who are wondering who I am, I’m a small, blond Scotsman living in Auckland. I am also really terrible at these things, so hello to you all =)


Greetings Scotsman,

A Dutchmen here greets you =D.
No need to have a brilliant intro, just as long as you’ve enjoyed yourself at any LARP, then it’s fine.


Last chimera was my first ever larping experience, i found that i had most of the stuff i needed for my characters and the rest i borrowed off friends :smiley: you might need to buy a few things from a 2nd hand shop but it wont be expensive.
I’ve picked the games below for this year, but you should pick the ones that sound good to you.

friday night : 1st choice: The house on haunted hill
backup: You are cordially invited to…
sat morning: 1st : One night in heaven
backup: snow white
sat afternoon: Stop that, its silly
sat night : the gordian knot
sun morning : knightsade
sun afternoon: a ball of blood and tears
backup: star wars


Welcome, Caitlin, Kamica, Cinead and Emily!

(You know, looking at this thread, I wonder if us early-adopters might need to do refresher intros. Mine’s all the way back on Page 1 and about 5 years out of date :open_mouth: )


Hey There!

Just pointing out Star Wars is on Saturday morning now, not sunday afternoon!



Hi there, i have one of those annoying names that no-one can spell and say if its just written down, unless you’ve seen it before, so most people call me Mani, Im british FTW and am loving LARPing here, love you guys at AMERICA who made me go to Teonn, you now have to take full responsibility for all the chaos i shall probably cause XD. :smiley:


[quote=“Kamica”]WHAT THE HECK! Another dutch person =D.
Also, I went to school in Eindhoven about a year ago =3.

Acutally there’s a third. Jennifer is from Vianen, she was at the weekend game.


Never heard of Vianen O.o

Anyway, we can’t even start to try and pronounce your name, if you don’t say it XD.
My name’s sort of very hard for English people to pronounce too, because it has the dutch R in it, though nothing a bit of practice can’t hit out of you =D. (My name’s Sander btw)



That explains, it’s in Utrecht (The province) =D


LOL ok well its Siobhian, pronounced Sh-vorn i know silly Irish with their spellings, but Mani is more effective also easier to spell =P


Sh Vorn, or Shvorn? (As in, two words, or one word?)
's pretty awesome though =D. And never stop trying to explain how your name is pronounced, you should be proud for your name! (I’ll never be called Alex, because my official name is Alexander, and Alexander only goes in official cases =D, I’m stuborn like that)


one word two syllables, and yeah its an awesome name, i really love it just hate trying to pronounce it over the internet, besides Mani is what most of my LARP friends call me, its short for manic, also easier to remember if your a fan of black books XD


If we meet around the next Teonn game, teach me how to pronounce it =D, I love to learn and pronounce things…
Sorta on that subject, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a foreign (Made up) language in an RP that you can decipher?


Awesome, though im rubbish at languages, and sure, when i next go to teonn i should be the new elemental that will hopefully have an awesome costume, o was crewing last game =P