Gear request


So with just two weeks to go, it's time to start thinking about borrowing costume (for me anyway)

So... does anyone have anything even remotely similar to ... -alexander for the flag ship round that I'd be able to borrow?


I think I have that exact sword at home, you're welcome to borrow it :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you very much.


Does anyone have a cloak with fur trim or something that I can borrow for round 3 of Chimera? I need something to make my usual medieval dress look more appropriate for game of thrones.


Does it have to be in any particular colours? I have my Crucible cloak (big, brown and golden fur lined) or I have a darker brown cloak which I've been wearing to recent Crucible games.


Does anyone out there have any of the following I could borrow:-

  • Priests robes and perhaps a Crucifix for Round Six?
  • A method of making my hair white/silver for Round Two.
  • A Hawaiian shirt (large as possible) and a pair of Aviator Sunglasses for Round Two.
  • A regency-ish coat for the Flagship. Doesn't need to fit.
  • Opera glasses.

Would be happy to borrow them in exchange for hugs, snacks or other trade able goods.


I have a long-haired white wig. It is a very awful wig, but I'll bring it along in case you can't find anything better.