Ya. Mebbe. Finances aside, you never know when someone might be trying to slip something into your food, right? Not that you're paranoid at all...


I'm assuming if Hawk wants his bounty that he will be doing everything he can to keep me safe. Including preventing my food from being poisoned ;p


Just a quick thanks on the food front Sophie. It was very yummy, and such a good idea too.


You're welcome.

Did everybody have enough to eat? The meaty stew seemed to run out...


I had plenty to eat, I just wanted something small extra, like a bread roll or a scone or something.

The stew was really yummy and with the rice very filling! Great energy for the game :slight_smile:


You should've said! I had candy! :slight_smile:


And I had lots of placebo candy!


Damn I totally forgot about this otherwise I would have taste tested your meal first. :d


I didn't get to eat anything... to busy...
it looked good though...


Like I said recently, Tic really would've loved to have tried the squirrel, but her brother suddenly coming in and dying on the floor kinda ruined her appetite...sigh...


Best Squirrel Ever!!!


When the food was coming out, you were nowhere to be seen, so I just hopped into the line and the nice lady didn't even ask for payment ;p


I know right, though we shot some bullets to defend the town, so I guess that is payment enough.


Don't worry Fox drank a lot that evening, and only paid for the first drink.


Hmm, it's not like someone paid for you or anything...



Val's just letting y'all know what's being served in the kitchen come week's end. There's been a large catch of Emu and a shortage of squirrels. That means Val's Diner will be serving up Emu soup (tastes like chicken) and Cactus soup (tastes like gluten free, meat free vegetables) with breads.

If y'all want to bring your own bowl you can, honey. Otherwise the Diner can likely lend you again, though it'll cost you.

N.B Val's diner prefers bullets and can no longer accept IOUs. Credit will no longer be given due to the increasing hostility between armed forces and escalating rates of IOU meal eaters unable to pay due to being a little bit dead.