So for the first game I was thinking of providing some food for dinner, and was wondering if people would be interested seeing as the game runs from 5-10.

I was thinking something super simple (stew and bread most likely) which can be 'purchased' in game. To clarify, the actual cost of this will be rolled into the overall game cost.

What do you think?


Awesome Idea! the local "Tavern" has food / drink available for purchase. The bar tender / serving girl is on hand to distribute as required,,,,


Yeah that's the idea. And Vogelmorn has a kitchen, so keeping the food hot is very doable.


Oooh sounds good to me


Iguana on a Stick, - mmmmmmm


Sounds like a good plan!


Oh I'm planning on it!


Good plan...if someone is going to provide the "tavern stew" or whatever, would it be appropriate (and appreciated) to pay with real money as opposed to in-game tokens?

Of course, certain characters may be carrying certain foodstuffs to trade with...would a tavern stew be worth a chocolate bar or a piece of salted longpork...?


If I were there, I'd rather pay $x more in my game fee, then "pay for food" as appropriate to the game.
But that's just me.


Nice idea Sophie. Always good to try new things.


I was intending to just roll it into the game fee if most people were keen. I'll ensure that there is a vege, vegan, gluten free option too.


"Howdy, and welcome to Val's. I'm Val. We have meat stew (no I don't know what kind, but it's mighty tasty) or vegetable stew. Bread is extra honey. Well if you're short on chips you can always have iguana on a stick?"


The Townie's probably share a communal meal if the town is small. Is there an event that people from abroad are coming to?

Also Jenni, you'll have to ask nice if I'm gonna spend my credits on you having some food. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously though it sounds like a good idea. I will likely bring something anyway, being a traveler and all.


Crosspire is the type of town that everyone passes through at some point. It's just at the right spot between where you were and where you wanna go.

Mostly I just don't want people getting tired and hungry and grumpy. Hangry gamers = bad.


Sounds good.


Super! I'd pay extra for sure. Thanks for thinking of the non-carnivores (I used to love rat and road kill but had to give it up...) :slight_smile:


Loving the idea :smiley:


Hooray for food!


<.< Maybe I should just eat before I come to the game



"Honey you look a little hungry. Here, while your "friend" ain't looking dig into this"