Consequences and character death


Hi all,

So I've now got a really good feel for the way the first few sessions will shape up and I just wanted to raise a couple of points that I want to be clear on.

1) Consequences
First of all consequences. I want your character actions to be meaningful and as real as possible. So if you manage to find a cure to a terrible disease, then that will ripple out across the world. If you piss off a powerful person expect them to come after you. Ignore a plot? No problem, but the plot won't ignore you. I am going to be a fan of all your characters. But all of the people, places and situations you have mentioned in your character sheets are fair game.

Also remember, yell at a psycho raider with a big gun you might find yourself shot in the head.

Which brings me to point 2) Character death
Your character might die. They might get sick, or filled with bullets. Someone might poison them. It might even seem arbitrary, but it will always be dramatic. This is not a nice world and if you make enemies they will come for you. And sometimes, nice people die for no fault of their own. I just want to make sure everyone is aware that punches will not be pulled. Your character might die.


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Me too.


Thanks guys, I've put a lot of thought into how to show the grittiness of this world. And to be honest death and consequence seem the best way.


It's why i'm looking forward to this game.... Consequences.... oh yes.


My character has a huge target painted on her back, forehead and everywhere else that will kill me, so this will be interesting... Will definitely have to make allies


Sophie thanks for hitting Fox hard with the consequence stick


Any time :smiley:

Expect the stick to come out to play even more in game 2.


Oh I'm sure you'll bring it. You always do.


I for one welcome our new gritty oppressors...
I felt that the world was a very gritty place, dark, and chaotic...
I want to get on with some IC chatting and plotting... and choices of skills I should take?

Survival or Armour... hum choices choices


Well you were wearing armour, be nice to make use of it.