Character theme songs - post them here!


Circumstances entirely beyond my control seem to have made this my theme song:


Mostly this one:

But this one as well


This one...surprisingly


I think I'm finally starting to understand all the fuss over Mumford and Sons.

For Flora:

Also, somewhat:


Loving the theme song by the way :slight_smile:


Can't seem to find a music video set in a theme park, but this is pretty close to my idea of the Candymen (lyrics and video):

...and this...not so much for tribal accuracy (not my tribe anyway) but 'cos it's cool:


This seems to sum up my initial theme tune, or the one in my head anyway


Me too! That's a sing-along song to be sure!


First one I could think of for mine:


As crew I presumably won't have my own theme song, but surely somebody must have a use for this one:


I feel like I have been rick rolled :wink:


This. Without a doubt.


That song kills me, every time.


So depending on how nasty I make Sosa :smiling_imp: there were a few songs that seemed appropriate.

Lets go with this:


no matter how I try I cannot come up with a better song than this


I know, right? I can't actually listen to it. I heard the first few notes and turned it off!


Exactly the responses I was looking for. Excellent.


I have three currently competing to be the number one. AJ can't decide.

Lorde - Bravado
Bastille's version of Adagio For Strings
Pulp - Common People


The last few months of Perky's journey has him in a sour mood.


I had a few ideas but since I have heaps of musical inspiration for about every single thing I do, I figured I'd go with something that had a different tone from the badassery going on in this thread (which I'm all for BTW!).

Picked because it just occurred to me that the part of the Cowboy Bebop movie where this songs plays is pretty appropriate for my character. If you know the movie well enough, you will be able to get some vague kind of insight into the kind of character I'm playing so that's some bonus knowledge if you care enough :smiley:

Awesome choice with that one :smiley: