Break Room 3 - Basilisk Green


Hi guys,

You should have gotten an email from my sister Cat about the game and our casting questionnaire. Let us know if you haven't?



You don't have to be evil to work here, but it helps...


Hi all,

We've sent out our casting assignments for this game, please let us know if you haven't gotten an email from us. (We haven't heard from Leela Moses at all, if someone knows her can they can check with her if she's gotten our emails?)




Is a Beholder a giant eye? :unamused:


More or less., it's a floating head with a huge eyeball and a mouth and some eyestalks. (We said "Beholder ancestry", so if you want to go for a more modest costume that's indicative, that will be fine.)


I might try that costume challenge! :mrgreen:


Your questionnaire answers inspired us.


a) That's worrying
b) and yet, I appear to have all my fingers


Hast thou seen thy character sheet laid before thine eyen? Have faith, my child.


Hi all,

We have sent out all our character sheets - if you haven't received one, can you please check your Spam folder or get in touch?

Cast List:
Angela Jones Journeyman Miki
Jared Hansen Sir Justin
Malcolm Harbrow Patrie
Gary/Gaza El Diablo Jewel-Eye
Ellen Boucher Carnatia
Stephen Brough (Krintar A) Thog the Bloody
Te Kahurangi Patuwai-Findlay Humanoid Resources
Daena Dixon Sherril From Supplies
Jessica Casbolt Thuris
Gerald Pfeifer Gad Gomelin
Hanako Wada Tib the Kid
Mila Krstik Dream-Thief
Joseph Karl Black-Scratcher
Kara Jensen Parnassius
Kirsten Goodall Grandmere
Lisa Aronson Bolthragor
Monica Hill Crew
Naomi Guyer Crew
Leela Moses Crew

One of our Player Characters has pulled out - if any of the Crew (or last minute attendees) would like to take up the character, let us know.




Invidius the Indifferently Coloured is a great boss! Come and work for them! Much better than the Dark Lord Phil!


So what happened? Curious minds want to know!


So Cat came home raving about how awesome and high energy the players and crew were, and says she had a really good time watching the chaos unfold. Yay!

Many thanks to Linda Shaw, who stepped in at very short notice to co-GM. Cat also said very nice things along the lines of "quietly competent", "a pleasure to work with", and "lots of fun to roleplay with".